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Last Updated: 17/1/2017
Rearrangement of FA Clusters
After careful consideration of the matter the Governor is please to create 14 new FA setup in Departments and rearranging the existing FA set up
Category :Audit Posted On : 13/01/2017
Re-delegation of financial powers delegated by Finance Department
In order to incur expenditure beyond his delegated capacity the subordinate officers are required to obtain the approval, in each case, of the authority to whom
Category :Audit Posted On : 10/01/2017
Procedure to be followed by DDOs of newly created departments
In pursuance of creation of 10 new departments after merging 21 erstwhile departments of the Government, the undersigned is directed by order of the Governor to
Category :Audit Posted On : 03/01/2017
Grant of Dearness Relief, to State Government Pensioners or Family Pensioner with effect from 01.01. 2017
It has also been decided that in the case of Public Undertakings or Statutory Bodies the additional expenditure should be borne by such Undertakings or Bodies t
Category :Pension Posted On : 02/01/2017