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Last Updated: 6/12/2016
Condonation of delay in preferring reimbursement claim for Indoor treatment
The Governor is pleased to order that concerned head of the administrative department of Government employee or Government pensioner including family pensioner
Category :W.B. Health Scheme 2008 Posted On : 01/12/2016
Proposal for issuance of authority for DDO functions of Finance Department and North Bengal Development Department
Shri Somnath Acharyya, Registrar of Finance Dept. to act as the Drawing and Disbursing Officer (D.D.O.) with effect from 1.12.2016 in respect of Finance D
Category :Audit Posted On : 30/11/2016
M/s CRG Corporate Services Pvt. Ltd. is an authorized agent for procurement of Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) along with USB token (dong
The Governor is hereby pleased to authorize M/s CRG Corporate Services Pvt. Ltd., an authorized agent of M/s eMudhra Consumer Services Ltd., one of the licensed
Category :Audit Posted On : 28/11/2016
Extension of dates for advance Salary, Wages, Remuneration and payment in cash
The Payment of Advance Salary in CASH may be made by 7th December, 2016
Category :Audit Posted On : 28/11/2016