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Last Updated: 31/7/2014
Delegation of power to grant subsidy
Name of the corporations to delegate the power to grant subsidy.
Category :Budget Posted On : 30/07/2014
Memo. No. 500 F.B. dated 30.07.2014. Release of Fund upto December 2014.
The Governor has been pleased to decide as follows ...
Category :Budget Posted On : 30/07/2014
Memorandum of agencies to do printing jobs of Government Departments
Governor is pleased to include the names of 3 (three) Press Limited to do printing jobs of Government Departments.
Category :Audit Posted On : 29/07/2014
Consolidated monthly charges for private Security Agencies deployed in Government establishments
The undersigned is directed to state the following in clarification of this Departments Memorandum No. 3687-FY dated 02.05.2012.
Category :Audit Posted On : 29/07/2014