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Last Updated: 27/8/2014
G.O. No.3390F(MED) dated 27th June, 2014 The following private HCOs have been assessed as service provider by the Health & Family Welfare Dep
The Governor is pleased to recognize the following private Health Care Organizations for the purpose of availing benefits of medical attendance and treatment un
Category :W.B. Health Scheme 2008 Posted On : 22/08/2014
Engagement of retired employees on contractual basis at DPPG.
This is for information that Finance Department approved for engagement of 12 (twelve) retired employees on contractual basis - the form may be download f
Category :Miscellaneous Posted On : 22/08/2014
G.O. 4219 dated 13th August, 2014 Notification on Sectional Holiday of Karam Puja
Governor is pleased to declare 6th September, 2014 as a sectional Holiday on account of Karam Puja for the employees belonging to Tribal communities employed in
Category :Audit Posted On : 21/08/2014
G.O.4205-FH dated 13th August, 2014 Disposal of files from Finance Department through Computerised Central Clearing System (CCCS)
It is requested to the Departments to furnish additional name and mobile number of a senior officer so that the same may be added in the database and alert mess
Category :Audit Posted On : 20/08/2014